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Obesity link to uterine cancer

A recent report claimed that the ever increasing incidence of obesity in Australia brings with it increased risk of uterine cancer.  In fact obesity increases the risk of pretty much all cancers, but in particular those fuelled by oestrogen.  Our fat cells aren’t just globs of fat.  They are oestrogen-producing machines.  The more fat you have around the middle, the higher the likelihood that you have elevated oestrogen levels.

The report discusses medical treatment.  The treatment offered is a hysterectomy or removal of the uterus.  So even if you have had children and feel that you no longer require your uterus, this method does not address the underlying cause – the elevated oestrogen and obesity.

Gentlemen, obesity and oestrogen don’t only affect women.  Obesity and imbalanced hormones contribute to prostate cancer too.

One of the most accurate methods of measuring your oestrogen levels is through saliva hormone testing.  These tests reveal your levels of all 3 types of oestrogen as well as progesterone, testosterone and often also cortisol.  All these hormones are linked and imbalances provide insight into ‘why’.

Of course, maintaining a healthy weight is always beneficial.  It is also very important that children have healthy weight, especially before and during puberty in order to support balanced hormone production from the start.

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