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One Word

How is it that one single word can instill such fear in people?  Does the word really represent something so terrifying or has it merely been misused?  We live in a society where we are bombarded with sensationalist news on a daily basis.  Media and marketing agencies target our emotions – many times the emotion of fear.  So what is this word?  Cancer.  Fund raising campaigns boast their support for research into a ‘cure’.  Organisations have been proclaiming ‘cures’ for cancer for over forty years.  So why is it that with all the money being pumped into research, we are no closer to having a ‘cure’ and indeed, rates of cancer continue to rise?

Dr Mercola writes about the Pink Ribbon campaign.

Perhaps we should be considering prevention!  There is hardly a person I know whose life has not been affected by Cancer – with most people having known someone who has undergone extensive treatment only to ‘lose’ the battle.  The emotional heartache cannot be described in words.  So why aren’t we trying to prevent this?   I don’t have an answer.

All I do know is that cancer IS preventable and, provided the condition is not too advanced, often times treatable with a natural approach.  Yet any ‘natural’ approach is frowned upon and scoffed at.  Why?  Again, I don’t have an answer.  Could it be that the business of cancer is too lucrative?  Some seem to think so.

The answers I do have relate to living a healthy lifestyle and giving your body the best possible chance for wellness.