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Parasites and infant mortality

Today Tonight aired a report on parasite dangers to humans on Sunday, 13th November. They reported on the ratworm or Angiostrongylus cantonensis, a nematode or roundworm, and infections which led to serious health conditions, even death.  Rather than using heavy drugs, which have serious side effects, there are other options available  – microcurrent and herbal remedies are known to successfully treat parasitic infestations. Shame they didn’t report on these treatments.  In non-specific symptoms, I always suspect parasites or other microbes. Fortunately, live blood screening helps to identify parasites and other microbial infections.

If you have children I confidently recommend investing in a microcurrent unit or ‘zapper’ – there are many on the market, but I prefer the VariZapper from Dr Hulda Clark – go to .  I recommend purchasing the program keys for Common Parasites, Common Viruses, Common Bacteria and Common Fungus.  Please always note contraindications such as pacemakers or other electronic implants.

Zapping is also available in my Yatala clinic.  Call 07 5530 1863 to arrange your session.