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Are we really free to choose?

Australia may be the last frontier of freedom when it comes to choosing your preferred method of health care.  Unfortunately, our politicians are sometimes only too hasty in following what is happening in the USA.  This is of particular concern when it comes to health care and the options currently available to us.  While those less informed of the dangers of chemical drugs and vaccines are often too happy to judge and criticise, we at least still have options … for the moment.

It is my firm belief that every person should be able to choose whether or not to be vaccinated or how to be vaccinated.  Many countries have lifted the minimum age for childhood vaccinations to 2 years with amazing reductions in incidents of childhood morbidity and complications.  Others have restricted the number of different vaccines to be given at any one time.  All options available to us, yet kept very quiet.

Dr Mercola has researched this issue greatly and, as a medical practitioner, provides valuable insight into the vaccination issue.  Please take the time to read this information.