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The Cure is ….

Do you have any questions regarding your health?  You may like to view this new film which brings forward one of the most powerful health messages to come along in decades: That our thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotions may be the greatest threat to our health in our lifetime and even contribute to the disease process. … Read more

Perspectives differ

How is your day going?  Fantastic!  That’s fabulous.  Or is your day not going so well?  It may all be in the perspective you take! How we look at a situation will determine how we feel about it.  Take for example washing up.  You may feel annoyed at having to wash the dishes.  Yet, take the time … Read more

The Greater Good

For those still struggling with the decision whether or not to vaccinate, please read / view the information at The Greater Good. Each individual  should have the right to make his/her own choice regarding vaccination and any such decision should be respected by others.  Being well informed is the key to making the decision that … Read more

Asthma support

EPA and DHA Comparable to Singulair® in Relieving Symptoms of Exercise-Induced Asthma A clinical trial at Indiana University compared EPA+DHA to prescription montelukast sodium (a.k.a. Singulair), and found similar success in relieving symptoms of exercise-induced asthma. This study followed a previous trial with elite athletes that confirmed the ability of these omegas to suppress proinflammatory … Read more

ADHD and aggression

Recent research into possible reasons for aggression have highlighted the impact of neurotransmitters on brain function. Take 10 minutes to view this mini-movie explaining how a lack of Central Nervous System stimulus can actually fuel aggression.  Medications that sedate the nervous system may actually be triggering the aggressive behaviour under treatment.  The principal also fits … Read more


The following comment was received regarding autism: Speech and language delay & autism spectrum disorder are already some issues as they are. But it becomes even more serious and worse when we fail to recognise their implications early enough to deal with them properly.  One should consult physician / speech therapist to learn about it. … Read more