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Lovely legs

Cellulite and oedema can ruin the appearance of even the most slender leg.  Quite contrary to common belief, cellulite is not the domain of the overweight or sedentary woman.  Young, slim, athletic women and, more recently, men also suffer the dimpling of cellulite. 

While cellulite is mainly the result of accumulated toxins, oedema is a build up of fluid.  This fluid often builds up due to the body’s attempt to dilute toxins and acidity

Here’s the choice: 

lovely legs                                                    or cellulite 

Legs                      Tara Reid


So what is ruining women’s legs?  One of the major causes of cellulite is hormones.  In particular those contained in the Oral Contraceptive Pill, Hormone Replacement Therapy, contraceptive implants and injections.  In addition to these, the rise in toxic environmental oestrogen from chemicals, plastics and heavy metals is causing havoc not only for women but also for men. 

There are effective treatment options available, but as with all health issues, prevention is the best approach.  Avoid the use of hormone therapies and hormone contraception.  Choose only organic, non-GMO foods whenever possible, especially chicken and meats.  Help the body to remove toxins before they build up.  Enlist the support of a qualified natural health practitioner or give True Medicine a call today on 07 5530 1863.