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Rejuvenation at a cellular level

Our bodies are programmed to repair and heal themselves – being self-regulating, self-renewing and self-regenerating.  Science has acknowledged that our stem cells have the ability to do all this – they can repair, regenerate and replicate themselves indefinitely.

On a physical level the stem cells drive regeneration, but we are more than simply ‘physical’ beings.

Science has acknowledged the concept that everything is energy.  Therefore, each of us is an energetic being, part of the one source or unified field of existence.  Even though we are all one, we are each different and unique simultaneously and have our own unique identity.  There are billions of humans on this planet, but no two people have the exact same fingerprint.  Your blueprint or signature matrix, is unique to you alone.  That is why you are special and there is nobody like you in creation. 

We all have immense powers, knowledge and unlimited abilities to create the lives we love through the power of our consciousness.  We are all powerful creators and we have unlimited potential to create whatever we want to experience. 

Our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world.   We have learned that you can’t love others until you love yourself.  Conversely, others won’t love you until you love yourself.  So how do we start to ‘love’ ourselves?  This ‘self-love’ is definitely not to be confused with ‘ego’.  Loving yourself begins with being aware and attentive.  When we are attentive our body speaks to us and we start to truly know ourselves in a very deep way.

Every emotion has its true and pure existence.  When we become disconnected from the truth of our soul, pure emotions become perverted reflections of the truth of who we are and this imbalance manifests as sickness in the physical.  Through the power of our consciousness we can return each and every organ and system to its original perfect matrix.

Life is meant to be a joyous experience.  We are meant to grow through fun and with ease.  If accidents, traumas or catastrophes are happening to you, you can be sure that there is a part of you that is attracting them through your thoughts and feelings which are out of alignment with the truth of your soul.

The body is an incredible teacher because when our consciousness becomes disconnected from the truth of our soul and the laws of the universe, the body sends us signals in the form of some discomfort.  If we are aware and listen to the signals and take note of how we are thinking and feeling, we can easily correct this imbalance.  On the other hand, if we don’t pay attention the discomfort will take the form of pain and ultimately a wake-up call in the form of a serious illness.  It is said that the ‘universe will tickle you with a feather but if you don’t listen you’ll get a brick thrown at you.”

As a spiritual being we are able to create the reality we wish to experience through our consciousness.  We can affect the world around us by the way we perceive it.  Each thought is creative.  Each feeling resonates out as a vibration into the world attracting similar vibrations to us.  Fear attracts fear; love attracts more love.

The Renew-U techniques are based on this very principle.  Methods incorporated are founded on the teachings of Russian scientist Grigori Grabavoi and other great Healers of the past.  Our bodies are a whole consisting of our mind, emotions, biochemistry, physical aspects and soul.  Incorporating bio-energetic stem cell support with individualised healing, Renew-U offers a unique method of helping to clear negative beliefs whilst also supporting your body’s regeneration and innate healing capabilities.

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