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Antibiotics lose the fight

The American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now admits that due to the overuse of antibiotics, both prescription on people and in animal husbandry, has brought humankind to a place where the medical profession is helpless against superbugs. 

What’s truly astonishing about this report is that it admits, in effect, that  modern medicine is a failure when it comes to infectious disease. The  whole approach of fighting bugs with isolated chemicals was doomed to fail from  the start, of course, since Mother Nature adapts to chemical threats far more  quickly than drug companies can roll out new chemicals.

Sadly, the very  approach of using an isolated chemical to combat disease is rooted in a 1950’s  mentality that has nearly reached its endpoint in the history of medicine. The  CDC all but admits this now, saying the era of antibiotics is nearing its end.  “If we are not careful, we will soon be in a post-antibiotic era” – Dr. Tom  Frieden, director of the CDC.

The admission should send alarm bells  ringing across the medical establishment. Because what it really means is the  day isn’t too far off when doctors and hospitals can no longer offer  treatments for common infections.

Nature to the Rescue

Western medical doctors remain widely ignorant of far more effective ways to  treat infections. Because of the profit interests in patented antibiotic  chemicals, doctors have never been taught how to use herbal remedies to which there is virtually no resistance whatsoever.

Doctors have also  never been informed of the powerful antibiotic properties of silver, copper,  aloe vera gel, garlic and onion (and sulfur compounds), Chinese medicine herbs and many  other bacteria-fighting substances from the natural world.

The CDC report lists not only bacteria but also parasites, viral and fungal infections that are on the rise.  Again, natural medicine equipped with knowledge from more than 2,000 years’ experience is better equipped to treat these kinds of maladies.

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