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The ‘flu by Don Tolman

The following is a quote from Don Tolman which explains influenza and vaccination quite well:

“It saddens me that each year there’s a giant push to have the masses vaccinated for the flu. Most people don’t realise that there are huge agendas behind these campaigns.

Every day as millions mistakenly believe that the next global strain of the flu virus is on the way to their country, they run down to their local pharmacist or doctor for this completely unnecessary treatment.

No one knows the long term impact of these ‘foreign’ substances that are being injected into the blood streams of literally millions of people.  If you doubt that the flu vaccine is unsafe, google will be your best friend.

What would be far more beneficial to people’s health would be to share an understanding as to exactly what the flu is and what causes it.  That way, people would be able to make choices based on knowledge and reason instead of fear.

I am certain about one thing.  The flu is not a disease that calls for panic or that needs to be “treated”.   It is a classic case of where some simple wisdom and logic needs to be applied…

You may have heard or read about my explanation of the flu before.  Basically, your body chooses to ‘flu’, particularly as the seasons become colder.  I often explain the process by using an analogy of “a house with a fireplace and a chimney – a FLU“.  The shortened version goes like this…

A house with a fire place has a FLU for the smoke to rise and leave so that it doesn’t fill the house with smoke to the point where you can’t stay in the house. The FLU has a VENT to open and close when needed. Your body actually FLUs and VENTS 24 hours a day. And sometimes it gets overwhelmed and opens up ALL the VENTS in the house (your body) for immediate clearing.

Whilst VENTING can be uncomfortable, it is completely natural and is the cure or method of clearing the debris out of your body. VENTING comes in the form of perspiration, breathing (20,000 times a day), sweating, rashes, muscle soreness, coughing, bowel movements, vomiting, fever, colds, and so on.

It’s interesting because these things all represent VENTING of filth and waste. When we don’ t support this process of VENTING by following the principles of health then the VENTS become clogged and blocked…which then leads to other SYMPTOMS.  Symptoms are literally a sign or signal of an offense still in the body – which today is typically referred to as “DIS-EASE”. Vaccines add to the debris and can even lead to greater levels of toxicity and stress in the body which can show up as serious symptoms down the road.

VENTING is actually about PRE-VENTING discomfort or dis-ease in the body that will otherwise form if you do not allow your house to clean out. The only way you can have a disease (discomfort), is if you don’t allow the process of eliminating the overwhelm to occur that has built up in your body. 

So as the sesaons change once again, rather than stressing out when you or your children get the sniffles or even a fever or cold, here’s what you should do… 

  1. Avoid suppressing the symptoms with a pharmaceutical drug. Yes, you might get some symptomatic short-term relief, but the effects of the harmful toxic residues that are left behind will show up down the road
  2. Realise that your body is ‘cleaning house’ during this period and the best thing you can do is to support it during the cleansing process
  3. Take a hot, salt bath.   Cut down on your intake of meat and animal/dairy products and increase your intake of green vegetables, wholefoods and good salt – NO sugar! 
  4. Drink plenty of clean water to help flush out your system

There are also certain plants and wholefood remedies that can provide some instant relief and still support the body to vent (as opposed to shutting down your body’s natural defense).”

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