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Super bugs

With every new epidemic, be it SARS, bird flu, swine flu or an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it becomes increasingly obvious that the conventional approach to preventing and treating infection is beginning to fail our communities. The hero antibiotics of yesteryear are being rendered next to useless by resistant organisms, with the cost and challenges of developing new antibiotic drugs ensuring that future prospects are bleak. Allergies in children have reached epidemic proportions, with some authorities predicting rates of 100% in the future.

Also disconcerting is that using even just one course of antibiotics can destroy beneficial gut flora for up to two years!

Our body is equipped with the best defence against infection – the immune system.  Nature provides numerous options to strengthening and balancing the immune system as well as helping ward off viral infections.  Protect yourself and your family naturally this winter – give Dagmar a call today on 07 3287 315.