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The invisible threat to your health – EMF

Story courtesy of Life Energy Designs

All electrically charged objects produce electromagnetic fields. Despite much debate and the countless research that has been completed over the years to determine what effect these fields have on our bodies, most of us are constantly exposing ourselves to this radiation. But what types of EMFs are there, are they all harmful, and if they are, how can we protect ourselves? Let’s find out.

The Types of EMF

EMF radiation can be split very easily into two categories, and we shall look at both, as well as the specific types of radiation within them. Scientists like to refer to the two categories as high-level radiation or ionising radiation, and low-level radiation or non-ionising radiation. Let’s take a look at some examples of each.


These are one of the best examples of ionising radiation. You are obviously most likely to be exposed to them if you are sent for an X-Ray as part of a medical exam. There has been plenty of research into how X-Rays affect our health and the dosage of radiation you receive is so low that you could easily receive 10,000 X-Rays in your lifetime. If you are ever exposed to X-Rays, it will most likely be for a very legitimate, medical reason, and so it is of no cause for concern to us in our everyday lives.

Ultraviolet Waves

This radiation comes from the sun and there has been a growing movement in the last few years to make people understand how truly dangerous UV radiation is. This ionising radiation can be split into UVA and UVB. The first is the type of radiation which prematurely ages the skin; causing sunburn, wrinkles and more. The second is the truly dangerous one which can skin cancer and more. Luckily for us, UV protection is available in the form of a good sunscreen – and of course, we can simply reduce the time spent in the sun in the first place.

Radio Frequency Fields

Radiation from devices like microwaves, computers, and WiFi all come under the heading of Radio Frequency Fields. This type of radiation is less well understood as a potential source of harm than X-rays and ultraviolet radiation but is actually a far big cause for concern – both because of the lack of understanding and the sheer ubiquity of this type of technology. Daily X-rays are hardly a risk, and one can easily spend less time in the sun, but avoiding EMF emitting technology poses a real challenge in the modern world. Nearly every electronic device in our lives emits some sort of radiation and that’s why you should consider some form of EMF protection.

EMF exposure of this sort can affect our sleep patterns, energy levels, and produce a host of health problems over time. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to protect ourselves from the EMF radiation caused by electronic devices. With 5G now being rolled out in densely populated areas, who know what sort of long-term effects we might experience without adequate protection.

EMF Protection

If you are concerned about the amount of EMF exposure in your life, you should consider investing in some of the devices proven to help reduce the impact. Through the use of scalar wave technologies, zero-point energy is harnessed to send out a shield which neutralises harmful EMFs. If you want to protect yourself from the radiation which bombards us on an everyday basis, you should start looking into the best EMF protection products without delay.

Given that we carry our phones around with us all day, cell phone radiation protection is one of the first and most important things to consider. Smartphones are one of the biggest emitters of microwaves and radiation and we frequently, willingly, place them right next to our head. We even keep them nearby while we sleep; especially now that so many smartphones have built-in alarms and sleep-monitoring apps.

Use our products in combination to protect you from the harmful EMF radiation we have all around us. Our RadiSafe is a small shield which easily affixes to your phone; whether it’s a cell phone you have with you all the time, or simply a cordless landline.

We also offer a number of other products to help protect you from harmful EMF radiation wherever you go. Consider one of our Nu-Me pendants to feel revitalised and stronger or the P.E.BAL to protect you no matter where you happen to go.

Protect Yourself

There is no doubt about it; EMFs are all around us. We need to start protecting ourselves from them in every way we can. 
Just as we use sunscreen to keep UV at bay, EMF shielding products are vital to reducing our exposure to harmful frequency fields. With greater understanding and adequate protection in place, we can enjoy all the benefits of living in this amazing modern world, without fear of paying the price for it later down the line.