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Water Fluoridation

The Queensland Government has now left the decision of whether or not to add fluoride to our drinking water to each individual Council.  Please lobby your local member to put an end to this practice.

Dr Mercola reports on the detrimental side effects of fluoridation.  While the report discussed US data, we are faced with similar issues here.

All parents of babies and toddlers should take particular note not to prepare feeding formula with unfiltered water.  Tap water contains levels of fluoride that are in excess of what babies can tolerate.

It is interesting to note that we are advised not to use tap water for our flowers, plants or pets.  Yet the authorities try and tell us it is good for our consumption.

I recommend investing in a quality water filter to remove fluoride and chlorine from drinking and bathwater.

If you are local and would like to attend a talk on the dangers of fluoridation, please visit:  –