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Cod Liver Oil Controversies

Not all cod liver oil is made from cod livers…

Some “Cod Liver Oil” products have been made from fish such as pollock and haddock (sourced from Alaska and/or Russia) or other fish species, both wild-caught and farmed, as a less expensive source of oil. The oil, regardless of the country of origin, can then be bottled and sold as “true Norwegian” or “Arctic cod liver oil”.

This is allowed because the international production of cod liver oil is regulated by only one rule—the final product must match the specific EPA ratio (EPA to DHA) found in cod liver oil.

Further, the fish body and flesh has been used – rather than the liver oil. It is the liver that contains the naturally occurring vitamins A and D, which is not found in the flesh of the fish. The oil is then supplemented with synthetic or natural vitamin A, which is why some cod liver oil products have high levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A toxicity is greatly misunderstood. While some forms of synthetic vitamin A may be toxic at moderate doses, natural, fat-soluble vitamin A, found in foods like cod liver oil, is safe at much higher amounts. It is  recommended to take omega-3, vitamin A, and vitamin D together and in the correct ratios – Cod Liver Oil naturally provides the ideal composition for this – which is why high quality CLO is sometimes referred to as ‘functional food’.

Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil is derived entirely from 100% sustainably caught Wild Arctic Cod which are then processed using oxygen-free technologies. They are a vertically integrated company who looks after the whole production process from boat to bottle; this ensures exceptional quality and safety of their products.

It is for the above reasons that True Medicine only stocks and recommends Nordic Naturals fish oils.  Quality should always be a priority when it comes to your body.  Just another reason to always seek the advice of a qualified Naturopath before taking any supplements.