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Is your girth expanding?

The following is an excerpt of a blog which you can listen to here:

There can be a strong hormonal component to abdominal weight gain. And in most people, that hormone is insulin.

And let’s start with “what is insulin resistance?”. In simplest terms, insulin resistance is dysfunction of the metabolic nuts and bolts of the cell that are supposed to turn food into energy. The result of that metabolic dysfunction is less energy, more inflammation, and a greater tendency to gain fat, especially around the middle. Insulin resistance can also cause high cholesterol, high triglycerides and, importantly, something called fatty liver, which is fat accumulation in the liver. Actually, fatty liver is both caused by insulin resistance and a cause of insulin resistance.

Other insults to mitochondria and insulin sensitivity include environmental toxins, medications, ultra-processed food, circadian disruption, sarcopenia, nutrient deficiency, neuroendocrine issues, chronic inflammation, and microbiome issues—just to name a few. And all those metabolic insults seem to be having an epigenetic or transgenerational effect which means that each of the last two to three generations is more prone to insulin resistance than the generation before. Which means your insulin resistance is a negative effect of your environment and/or your parents’ or grandparents’ environment. And not necessarily something you’ve done wrong.

At the same time, you can still make changes to reverse insulin resistance and regain a healthy metabolism.

The New Year is a great time to begin a metabolic overhaul.  Contact us for assistance.