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Why do I need to see a Naturopath?

“I went on line and researched my symptoms.  I found this really good website which explained my disease and recommended all these great products.  I got all that needed on line.”

Does this sound familiar?  Have you been tempted to self-diagnose yourself after reading information, whether it be on the internet, in a magazine or something you heard or saw on television?  This is all too easy to do.

With all this information readily available, you might well ask – why do I need to see a naturopath?

Allow me to share a few examples that may help you answer this question for yourself.

Magnesium – this is a supplement available in supermarkets, chemists and healthfood stores.  There is a wealth of information explaining that we all need to take magnesium in order to support bone health, heart health and stop cramps.  However, where does it explain which kind of magnesium is best suited for you?  Likewise, where does it provide directions on when to take magnesium and, more importantly, where does it provide information about the interaction of magnesium with other minerals and medications?  Taking any mineral or vitamin supplement without fully assessing your body’s specific needs can lead to a gross imbalance and cause problems.

Calcium – I shudder at the number of times that people come into clinic and tell me they are taking a particular brand of calcium.  Like magnesium and other minerals, the form of the mineral is all important.  Most over-the-counter calcium products are made with Calcium Carbonate.  This is the least absorbable form.  Quite recently, medical research admitted to getting it wrong having prescribed this form of calcium as they now realise the link between poorly absorbed calcium and cardiovascular disease. 

Vitamin D – is actually a hormone and not a vitamin.  Levels should be checked before supplementing but this requires that the active form of Vitamin D be tested and not the commonly tested inactive form.  Also, Vitamin A in a specific form should always accompany Vitamin D in order for the body to be able to utilise it. 

Probiotics – many of you will know that taking antibiotics kills not only the unwanted but also the essential bacteria in our body.  Our digestive tract is inhabited by millions of good bacteria which are essential for digesting food and absorbing nutrients.  However, many of the products widely advertised offer only limited strains of probiotics.  Each ‘strain’ has a particular function and generally lives in a particular section of our digestive tract.  Taking only a few strains imbalances others.  Furthermore, depending on the type and duration of taking antibiotics, it can take up to 12 months to re-establish a balanced digestive system.

It’s not what you may think

Here is a set of symptoms: 

  • sinus and viral infections recurrent as well as lethargy
  • itchiness, rash and some blisters over entire boy
  • concentration and tolerance levels low – pain, anxiety
  • react to alcohol, sugar and sweet foods – crave sweet foods
  • heartburn and bloating

The above symptoms were outlined by a 44 year old marathon runner.  So what turned out to be the underlying cause to all these symptoms?  Toxic overload from commercial (brand name) cosmetic products!  Result following only one month of treatment = feeling so much better, sleeping well most nights; eating a good diet with no sugar; sinus issues completely cleared; able to cope and back to running.

Naturopaths study for many years, learning about how our bodies function.  Only a qualified practitioner is able to take the time to assess your individual needs in order to address the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Assessment may include a variety of techniques.  At True Medicine, we have access to quality functional testing including blood, saliva, urine, hair and DNA.  So next time you are tempted to self-diagnose and purchase inferior quality supplements, stop!  Seek the advice of a qualified naturopath or call True Medicine on 07 5530 1863.