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Belief or Manipulation?

Are your beliefs holding you back?

Beliefs are based upon experience, are changeable, can be complex and are not necessarily fact.  We all have these beliefs, developing them throughout the course of our lives. 

Some areas that are most affected by our beliefs include religion, politics, health care and education.  Very often we tend to take on the beliefs of our parents, relatives, teachers and peers.  However, the media is also extremely powerful in influencing our beliefs.  Once these beliefs are established, most people find it extremely difficult to even consider anything outside the realms of their programming.

However, our world has undergone radical changes in the past 100 years yet many beliefs remain stuck.  What was widely acceptable even 60 years ago, may no longer apply today.  Main stream media is committed to maintaining rigid beliefs and undermining those who challenge the norm.

Education, reflection and mindfulness help to identify areas which may lead to improving personal and social awareness.  Let us consider how our beliefs have been manipulated when it comes to health.

As Ty Bollinger points out in his book The Truth about Cancer, “Medicine has gone from representing a delicate balance of science and art – decentralized, open to change as progress dictates, and expressed in many unique forms – to a one-track system of dogmatic and irrefutable corporate edict.”  It is interesting to note that in the early 1900’s most medicine used plants and herbs to help the body heal itself naturally.  Yet over just a few decades this morphed into a doctrine of treating the symptoms (rather than the person) using synthetic, petroleum-based chemical compounds, ie pharmaceutical drugs.  The Flexner Report outlines these changes and how medical schools came to be controlled by pharmaceutical corporations.  How members of the pharmaceutical Boards infiltrated governments, paying politicians to do their bidding.  This has led to our current regimes of not only removing people’s choice as to which medical care is most suitable, but also attempting to shut down natural and complementary medicines.

Over the last decade in particular there appears to have been a concerted effort internationally to diminish the influence of natural medicine in many health systems. In order to manipulate evidence of natural medicine’s efficacy, medical authorities changed the ‘goal posts’ for studies, limiting them to 150 subjects only.  Further, they selected only 4 out of 1,800 studies to push their case.  Reports, statistics and study results can be skewed in order to ‘prove’ any point.  Yet history and clinical results continue to support the efficacy of natural medicines worldwide.  Despite health budgets blowing out, our Government blindly follows pharmaceutical paradigms rather than supporting complementary medicine which could greatly contribute to lower health costs.

Politicians are meant to be servants of the people, to reflect our various opinions and to pass laws that benefit the entire country.  In fact, many take their lead from an increasingly narrow group of lobbyists and self-interest groups.  This is especially so in the area of health where many politicians follow recommendations from leading medical institutions and so called ‘specialists’, rather than availing themselves of the huge amounts of ‘honest’ research and proof available supporting complementary medicines.

So we can let the politicians continue doing what they are doing, or we can stand up for our rights to choose what’s best for us when it comes to health care, education and what’s best for our country. It may be time to reassess your beliefs, open your mind to what is really happening at the moment.

Real science is open, objective and supports the acquisition of knowledge, not its restriction.


Ty M Bollinger; The Truth About Cancer – available on line

Dr Isaac Golden