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Is your gut fit?

Is your gut health in top shape? 

It had better be because if its not you are more prone to illness and disease. We first have to understand that our good bacteria is an integral part of a healthy gut and to be healthy we need to understand more about the role bacteria (probiotics) play.
Bacteria are the basis of our gut and digestive system. It is these bacteria that play an integral role in our ability to function as a living organism.  Our good bacteria are what support our immune system by protecting us from harmful bacteria. The more good bacteria, the less chance of getting such things like food poisoning from contaminated food. Without our good bacteria defeating the bad bacteria our body would have difficulty in breaking down the food we eat and less chance of absorbing nutrients. 
Our cells require nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. So if our gut is not releasing those ingredients from the food we eat because it is compromised ours cells suffer and in turn so do we. 

What are the signs of a healthy gut?

If you:

  • feel good,
  • can work the whole day without becoming tired,
  • have good bowel movements and
  • are enjoying life 

These are all a good sign of a healthy gut. 

What are the signs of an unhealthy gut?

  • Tired, tired all the time
  • snappier than you used to be
  • emotional
  • wind and bloating
  • poor bowel movements
  • not able to stop with just a few pieces of chocolate.

All of these are an indication your gut needs some support. 
For example the following factors are a good indicator your gut needs some support – now!

  • Wind: Your wind emissions should have little or no smell (as it is the putrefactive or bad bacteria that cause the bad odour). 
  • Bowel habits: How much time you spend on the toilet is also another key indicator into your gut health. A healthy bowel movement should take around 10 seconds from the time you sit down and should be complete in a single motion. When there is a good amount of good bacteria balance in the gut, bowel movements should be within 2 hours of eating a meal. 
  • Tired all the time: This can relate to the fact that your body is not absorbing the nutrients and precious cargo that food delivers.

    Even the perfect diet does not mean being healthy if your gut bacteria has been compromised.

Obesity is malnutrition!

If it’s time for a tune-up of your digestive system, get gut-fit and call us on 0468 774 633.