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Keep your brain working well

There are ever increasing reams of evidence of how natural remedies can help alleviate many chronic diseases we are currently facing.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of health problems and death worldwide1.  Among these is a staggering increase in cognition-related diseases including mild cognitive impairment or decline to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cognitive impairment is a multifactorial condition with a complex interplay of many factors such as age, demographics, genetics, socio-economic position, environmental factors and nutrition7.  Herbal and nutritional medicines are being investigated to slow, or even reverse, this process and to improve overall cognitive function in all age groups.  Herbal medicines8,9 and optimum nutrition10,11 are fundamental for the management and prevention of various health conditions, particularly chronic diseases.

Ancient Greek treatments as well as 16th and 17th Century herbalists, in particular Nicholas Culpepper, document the use of certain herbal medicines in ameliorating age-associated memory loss17.

Certain herbs have been shown to have various positive influences on cognitive function including:

  • Improving attention 14
  • Learning14
  • Memory 14,26
  • Secondary memory16
  • Cognition14
  • Cognitive decline12,17

Other uses include mood15,17, inflammation12, oxidative stress12,19,25, high cholesterol27,28, gout, dyspepsia, heartburn, bloating, ulcers, diarrhoea, tremors12, and elevated blood sugar levels12,17.

Herbal medicines and optimum nutrition play a fundamental role in the prevention and management of chronic disease.

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