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Naturopathy helps again

When it comes to Naturopaths, many people are unfamiliar with how natural medicine may be able to help with their symptoms.  Indeed, some even shy away from Naturopaths due to ignorance about the amount of qualifications held by these practitioners.  Next time you experience symptoms of discomfort, pain or disease, or just want to prevent a decline in your health, it may be worth seeking the advice of a qualified Naturopath.

Here is a case study* to help you understand how natural medicine can help:

Overcoming bowel dysfunction and chronic bloating

Extreme bloating, to the point where strangers assumed Beth^ was pregnant, was the reality for this 47-year old female who presented to the clinic with chronic digestive issues.  At baseline, Beth experienced:

  • bloating three days per week;
  • daily malodorous flatulence;
  • chronic diarrhoea and slow intestinal transit time (unformed bowel movements 3-4 times per week);
  • recurrent premenstrual thrush.

A comprehensive analysis of stool microflora revealed low species diversity with high hydrogen sulphide levels (causing malodorous flatulence).  The bacteria associated with production of hydrogen sulfide is also linked with a high dietary intake of saturated fats.  Interestingly, the Beth’s gall bladder had been removed 10 years earlier and she had never been advised of the need to modify her dietary fat intake, or that dietary fat could affect her intestinal transit time.

Resetting digestive function

Following  digestive support over four weeks and some dietary changes Beth reported the following changes:

  • By the second week of treatment, Beth’s bloating had completely resolved and her bowel regularity had improved.
  • Beth’s mood had also improved
  • By the end of the four weeks, Beth reported a 100% improvement in bloating (she even needed to purchase a new belt to fit her now un-bloated belly).
  • Less frequent and reduced severity in flatulence
  • Regulation of bowel movements (daily)
  • Resolution of thrush symptoms

Methods and outcomes

  • Microbiome analysis provided specific information regarding intestinal dysbiosis. 
  • Naturopathic treatment effectively increased bowel motility which correlated with reduced abdominal distension and bloating. 
  • The reduction of vaginal thrush symptoms as a result of holistic treatment shows the relevance of treating dysbiosis systemically and supporting a healthy gut microbiome.

So if you experience any digestive discomfort, it may be worth contacting us at True Medicine on 07-5530 1863 for an individualised assessment and tailored support.

* Case study courtesy of Metagenics     ^ Name changed