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Can Naturopathy help me?

Recently someone commented that when reading articles about natural medicine, the use of words such as “may help”, “may relieve” and “may support” a particular condition or symptoms did not create a lot of confidence in them towards complementary therapies.  The Australian regulatory authorities and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) do not permit the use of terminology that imply “treatment of” or “curing” any health condition and therapists are not permitted to make any claims to this effect.

Other people are surprised to learn how herbs or nutritional medicine can help with a range of conditions.  Whereas the first port of call for any health concern should be your GP or other medical professional, naturopathy and natural medicine has its place in supporting recovery as well as in prevention of health problems.

At the current time, use of the term “Naturopath” is not regulated.  However, qualified naturopaths invest years studying the complexity of the human body, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and biochemistry, immunology, clinical medicine and pathophysiology, nutrition and nutritional biochemistry.  Additional subjects may include herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, as well as specialist areas such as hormones, fertility, neurology, mental health or other. 

Some naturopaths have qualifications in other fields such as Remedial Massage, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Iridology, Aromatherapy, Counselling and energetic therapies.

Taking the Hippocratic Oath

In addition to the initial training which can be up to four years to Degree level, naturopaths are required to undertake ongoing professional training in order to remain abreast with research and the latest findings and developments in health care.

To ensure your practitioner is qualified, ask to see their certification or check with one of several Associations, membership with which is compulsory for practitioners.  

So, what is naturopathy you may ask?  How can it help you or your family?  

While medicine diagnoses and classifies your symptoms as a certain condition in order to prescribe medication, naturopathy investigates the underlying cause and what has contributed to the development of these symptoms.  A few examples of many include:

  • Allergies, sinus congestion, hay fever, skin conditions, acne may be relieved by addressing digestive/gut health and making some dietary or lifestyle changes
  • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, recurring infections may be alleviated by balancing the immune system, clearing viruses from the body, identifying heavy metal or chemical toxicity, supporting digestive health and making dietary or lifestyle changes
  • Pain, osteoarthritis, joint degeneration, spinal disc compression may be alleviated by identifying the cause of the tissue weakness that has accelerated degeneration and supporting healing with nutritional supplements and balancing the body’s pH
  • Hormone imbalances which include thyroid, adrenal, reproductive or digestive hormones may also be balanced to help you regain energy, balance blood sugar levels or start a family
  • Digestive discomfort, bloating, reflux, constipation, food sensitivities may be alleviated and relieved by healing the digestive tract and supporting your body’s ability to balance the microbiome.

Other areas that may benefit from Naturopathic advice include mental health, clinical detoxification, children’s health and behaviour, women’s and men’s health. 

While “prevention is always better than cure” herbal and nutritional medicine is often able to accelerate the healing process. 

A properly functioning digestive system or ‘gut’ is essential to good health, as is a healthy diet and lifestyle.  This is not a new concept with the foundations of good health involving eating well, getting adequate exercise, quality sleep, managing stress, avoiding toxins, etc.  Our Naturopath will be able to demystify misconceptions in these and other areas.

Next time you aren’t feeling as well as you’d like, why not contact us for an individualised assessment.  Initial consultations last between 60-90 minutes enabling our Naturopath to take a detailed health history and really listen to your story.  Treatment or support will be tailored to you, fitting in with your lifestyle and personal needs.  Give us a call today on 07-5530 1863 and find out how we can help you regain energy and feel fabulous!