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Holiday season tips

The month of festivities is here! A time of getting together, laughter, celebration and often over indulgence. 

All this indulgence during the festive season can take its toll on our gut microbiome and health. Why not try to not let your gut health fall to far behind this festive season. After what 2020 has taught us so far this year our health is more important than ever. Understanding that 80% of our immune system is in the gut, ensuring we are maintaining and continuing our daily good gut habits is vital. 

Maintaining our daily good gut habits

Our good bacteria really suffer when we over indulge in nutrient poor foods, copious amounts of alcohol and not to mention the stress we put ourselves under in the preparation and lead up to Christmas. Our gut microbiome is pushed to the limits as they work hard to keep up with what’s just hit them.  Whilst temptation is everywhere during the festive months there are a few things we can do that will benefit us and our gut over the coming weeks.

  1. Eat mindfully – take note of how you feel and try to avoid over indulging.
  2. Reduce the chocolate – Opt for raw nuts and definitely ditch the sugar intake where possible. 
  3. Consume alcohol in moderation – or swap out for a non alcoholic option now and again. (alcohol kills our good bacteria) – try a soda + lime + bitters 
  4. Aim for some quality sleep time – Sleep = Repair 
  5. Be as organised as you can – to minimise any last minute stress 
  6. Hydrate – with good, clean, energised water for optimal hydration and to avoid the festive season blockages (constipation)

For what has already been a stressful year for many we don’t want to add any more stress on our health. Especially during a time that should be about relaxing with those closest to us. Stress can severely impact our microbiome and health, so just relax and enjoy.

If you need to stock up on gut care before the festivities kick off, contact us today on 07 5530 1863.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.