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Cancer loves sugar

Medical research during 1940 documented cancer cells’ preference for sugar.  To allow sugar to enter, cells have insulin receptors.  Cancer cells have up to 16 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells.  However, it took until 1997 for this concept to be incorporated into cancer care in the United States.  It is not yet used in … Read more

CSIRO gene experiments

The Australian CSIRO has developed a strain of genetically modified wheat which can switch off human genes.  The effects of genetic modification are not known, however, correlations with health issues appear to be more than mere coincidence. Watch the video of how Australian scientists are playing with our genetics.


Further to the Blog “To Eat or not to Eat” here is an interesting article by Dr Mercola about the dangers of farmed fish.  Not only for our health should we decide to eat farmed fish, but also the devastating effect aquaculture has on wild fish populations. Apparently the Australian Government strongly advocates farmed fish … Read more

Statins cause diabetes

A recent study by Waters DD, Ho JE, Boekholdt SM, et al published in the J Am Coll Cardiol. 2013;61:148-152 discusses the increased risk of people taking Statin medication (cholesterol-lowering drugs) developing Diabetes.  Considering that  research dating back as far as the 1980’s identifies inflammation and not cholesterol as the danger associated with increased cardiavascular … Read more

Krill -v- Fish Oil

The heavy marketing surrounding Krill oil has many people asking which is best:  Omega 3 fish oil or Krill?  The components of Omega 3 oils that are particularly benefcial for our body are the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.  To keep it very simple, EPA is required by the body to relieve inflammation as … Read more