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Chronic health an acute problem

More Australians can stay healthier and out of hospital – here’s how The Conversation: March 7, 2016 6.06 am AEDT Each year the Australian government spends at least A$1 billion on planning, coordinating and reviewing the care of people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, in general practice. Yet there are … Read more

Good hydration and health

Keeping well hydrated helps the kidneys eliminate toxins. It is crucial that when we ingest fluids that we are helping our bodies detoxify, not adding toxins. As well as their role in elimination, the kidneys also maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys are the most important … Read more

Australians at risk of bowel cancer

Sydney Morning Herald article on 21 March 2016 reports of the increased risk of developing bowel cancer with age.  More than 8 million Australians (almost one in three people) will be in the “crosshairs” of bowel cancer in just 10 years. That’s the finding of a disturbing new report released on Monday by leading social demographer … Read more

Endometriosis – signs and symptoms

Endometriosis is a slow, insidious condition that can be overlooked. The symptoms are general, progress gradually and are “normalised”. Women often think that excruciating or debilitating period pain is ‘normal’, and consequently, delay seeking help. There are also no specific sign and symptoms, nor diagnostic test that allow for an early diagnosis of the condition. … Read more

Endometriosis: Auto-Immune link?

With an increase of women being diagnosed with endometriosis and more investigations into the treatment of the disease, the glaringly obvious question has to be asked – is endometriosis an autoimmune disease? Previously, diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis have revolved around surgery and hormone suppression with the oral contraceptive pill or other drugs whereas now … Read more

Menopause focus

Due to the concerns with Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) use, it is understandable that the transition into menopause is a time where many women may seek out complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) to help manage symptoms and improve their quality of life. Of course the holistic approach incorporates diet and lifestyle modifications, exercise and mind-body techniques. … Read more

How wireless frazzle our body

Watch the video here Jeromy Johnson is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure. He has a leading website on the topic and consults with individuals, families and organizations around the world to implement solutions that reduce and eliminate EMF pollution. Jeromy has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and … Read more

What does your body care contain?

The non-natural parabens (methyl, propyl, and parahydroxybenzoate) are common synthetic preservatives that are found in many products including cosmetics. Here  you find a list of studies carried out on non-natural parabens, showing its levels in breast cancer, the risks of exposing oneself to it, the oestrogenic effect of parabens and its negative impacts on male reproduction.  

Fruit & Veg: Not what they used to be

Fruit and Vegetables Reaching an Alarming State of Nutrient Depletion by Marco Torres, The Art of Healing What if our food has been getting less and less nutritious? What if modern intensive farming methods — many of which solved malnutrition problems when they were first introduced — have affected the mineral and vitamin content of … Read more