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We are Frequency

The concept of humans being electromagnetic has gained prominence in the last few decades. And this concept has given rise to a number of treatments and diagnostic procedures that can bring about remarkable innovation in the field of medicine.

Here is a brief introduction of how frequency therapy can be used to restore your health.

Electromagnetism in the human body: Introduction

The human body is made up of millions and trillions of ions, atoms, and molecules. These ions are nothing but atoms with one or more extra or missing electrons.

When an atom is missing electrons, it gains a positive charge and when an atom has extra electrons it gains a negative charge. So, the major players in creating electrical energy in our body are these ions. This electrical energy allows the cells to be powered by a very low level of voltage. 

Thus, the cells in our body act like miniature batteries or electrical generators. The nervous system uses this electrical energy to create nerve impulses that help to transmit messages from one part to another.

Imbalances in the activities of these ions can lead to dysfunctions in the conduction of the electrical messages thus triggering the development of several disorders. These dysfunctions quickly lead to general body disturbances resulting in the widespread loss of energetic stability within the bio-spiritual field of our body.

For example, the dysfunctions related to the conduction of the electrical messages can hamper the internal messaging mechanisms between the cells thus blocking the conduction of messages from the brain to the other parts of the body. 

How does the body create and use electromagnetic fields?

The electrical activities in the body primarily occur in the cell membranes. The cell membrane helps to maintain an appropriate voltage or “charge”. The healthy cells have a transmembrane potential of 80 to 100 millivolts. This charge causes the cells to vibrate at a specific frequency.

Lifestyle factors like exposure to toxins, low oxygenation, lack of adequate physical movements, sound pollution, dehydration, electromagnetic frequencies and nutritional deficiencies can influence the magnetic fields in the body at the cellular level.

This can cause immense damage to the tissues putting you at risk of inflammation, oxidative stress, cancerous changes, autoimmunity, and much more.

For example: cancer cells have a transmembrane potential of just 20 or 25 millivolts. When these cells are damaged, the voltage of the cell membrane drops. As a result, the voltage inside the cell increases affecting cell organelles like mitochondria and nucleus. This causes the cells to continue to divide in an uncontrollable manner leading to the spread and growth of cancer mass.

Also, when the membrane voltage becomes low, the membrane channels cannot function efficiently. This can trigger a domino effect that contributes to the development and progress of diseases.

The History of Frequency

There have been numerous pioneers identifying how frequencies affect our body and how we can harness this knowledge to help heal. 

During the period between 1940 -1945 under the guidance of Burr, the Professor of Yale University School of Medicine,  many biologists and researchers of higher education implemented a research program whose output can be summarized as follows: “All living organisms have electric fields and, as a consequence, the magnetic fields of complex nature. These fields are completely lost with the death”. Electromagnetic phenomenon is of fundamental importance in the organization, structure and functioning of living systems, both in health and illness. In the cells and between cells there exists a constant instantaneous exchange of information, carried out by means of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic fluctuations are the most important force in nature. They control the metabolism, growth, distribution of hormones, sensation of pain, all the physical manifestations of life. Binding forces within the molecule – it is the electromagnetic force. Thus, the molecules are not linked physically, but by the electromagnetic interaction.

Other pioneers of frequency therapies include Dr Royal Rife; Frank Morell and Erich Rasche who developed the MORA machine; Dr Hulda Clark; and Dr Jerry Tennant just to name a few.  

While various devices are used by the medical communities around the world, in Australia their use is not supported by the TGA.  If you would like to learn more about the different options available, please contact us on 0468 774633.