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Can you help me?

When I receive phone calls from people enquiring about how natural medicine could help with their diagnosed conditions, my response may often appear vague. The reason for this is that there is no one treatment that fits every person or every dis-ease.  My response is usually that after a careful and thorough assessment of your situation, we decide on the most appropriate support for your body.

My training and qualifications, as well as over 15 years in clinical practice, have given me a range of tools to both assess and support your health.

How are your needs assessed?

functional_pathologyIn addition to a detailed health history and discussion, I also refer to your medical test results; blood and functional pathology which may include saliva hormone tests, stool analysis, urine analysis, allergy tests; personal assessment which may include iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine analyses, kinesiology; hair mineral analysis. The longer consultation times allow for in-depth analysis of your needs.

Treatment options

HerbalsOur bodies are programmed to heal themselves. My aim is to support your body and enable it to overcome the challenges which have led to compromised health.  As a naturopath, I use only high quality practitioner-only TGA approved supplements including herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and homeopathic remedies.  While supplements are often essential to correct deficiencies, a lot of time is spent providing guidance and support to help you take control of your own health.  This may involve lifestyle guidance, dietary advice, general counselling and always includes full explanation of the process.  Treatments are always tailored to meet your individual needs which includes physical, emotional and financial constraints.

Why am I sick?

tickOur modern world poses many challenges to health. These include stress, impaired sleep, poor nutrition, toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, infection, parasites and microbes, pollution, noise, sedentary lifestyles and compromised DNA.  More often than not, people are unaware of the impact these burdens have on their, and their family’s, health.  Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals are found in many foods and beverages consumed on a regular basis.  Awareness and understanding provides you with confidence in both current treatment but also how to maintain your health in the future.


With ever increasing access to information – both accurate and contrived – the tendency to self-prescribe and order inferior products on line is a major concern. All too often I see the damage that incorrect self-prescribing/treating does to people.  Likewise with inferior products that are being promoted as ‘magic cures’ or ‘heal all’.  There is no such magic pill.  There are, of course, products that have amazing health benefits, when administered correctly.  I therefore, urge you to always seek the advice of a qualified natural health practitioner.  If in doubt, ask to see their qualifications as only Naturopaths or Nutritionists are permitted by Australian law to prescribe supplements.

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