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Hormones and our daily rhythms

Circadian rhythm or internal clock?  

Usually we hear about the circadian rhythm in relationship to melatonin; however, holistically speaking, our endocrine circuit runs on a clock, with some pulsatile, situational variation of course. Not everything is perfectly aligned to these times. Consider this graphic a framework (based on the reference below).

The daylight-driven hormones like cortisol and testosterone get us revved, motivated, and driven through the day. On a spiritual level, they provide that yang life force of vitality and resilience.

Melatonin and thyroid hormone, on the other hand, are the yin hormones with their release primarily at night. They quiet the metabolic noise, turn down the symptomatic interference and prepare our being for integration by morning.

The endocrine system is a learning tool for us in many ways. If we can be in alignment with our natural rhythm, we flow through in harmony. When we are out of sync, our hormones let us know, too.

When our internal clock is out of balance, it needs to be rectified.  How this imbalance manifests can vary so always consult a qualified Naturopath or give us a call.


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