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What are you REALLY taking?

Adulteration is the addition of an impure, cheap, or unnecessary ingredient to cheat, cheapen, or falsify an ingredient or preparation. Adulteration of botanical ingredients can be accidental, as a result of poor quality-control procedures; or deliberate, with intentional adulteration often occurring for financial gain. As a practitioners, I want to get results for my patients. This involves … Read more

Quit easier

Whether you intend to stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stop drinking caffeinated soft drinks, stop eating sugar or stop taking a recreational or elicit drug, chances are you will experience withdrawal symptoms.  These can be considerably eased by taking the following supplement – available only from a qualified naturopath and available at True Medicine.   Article … Read more

Critical vaccine studies

Whether or not to vaccinate should not be the question, but rather “how can we vaccinate safely?”. What generally happens when someone questions our current vaccination protocols is they get shot down and branded “anti-vaccer” along with highly derogatory language. However, what is often overlooked is that most objections to the current methods of vaccination … Read more

Is it Time to Give Your Body a Holistic Cleanse?

Article written and submitted by Anne Graham Everyone is guilty of overdoing it sometimes: working too hard, not getting enough sleep, or overindulging with the food and drink that you are using to fuel your body. When you are run down and need to rejuvenate, your body has a range of subtle ways of letting you know. … Read more